Central to Jacques intercom system design is the controller. Controllers, united with included software, manage the key functionality of the system, such as communication and reporting between intercoms, public address components and Help Point Units.

Our optional software modules achieve advanced system functionality including third party system integration, audio recording, audio broadcast and in depth system monitoring and reporting.


Jacques redundant controller solution is ideal for industry applications where continual, uncompromised communication and surveillance is critical. The primary purpose of redundancy is to reduce the risk of an entire system failure due the failure of the primary controller (software or hardware). View our video to learn more.

redundant controllers diagram


The Jacques IP Communications System supports distributed networks which can be located at different sites whereby multiple transmission links provide for alternate routing of network traffic should any link fail. In the event all transmission links fail, a local controller at each site ensures independent and continued operation.

distributed networks diagram


Jacques Controller Comparison Guide


The Jacques System Controllers manage key functionality of the Jacques 650 Series Integrated IP Communications System enabling communication and reporting between intercom endpoints, public address components, help point units, 3rd party devices and interfaces. They provide call control and operations management, reporting and maintenance functions.

Jacques TCH 2MXH System Controller

TCH-2MXH | 51660

  • IP controller, up to 80 endpoints
  • Available to administer a large number of the Jacques system software modules & interfaces
  • Facilitates almost all core functions of the Jacques IP Communication System
  • Supports high definition audio
  • Fanless and low power consumption
  • SATA hard drive
Jacques JSC 5L System Controller

JSC-5L | 51814, JSC-5L-AEC | 51815

  • IP controller, large, includes JCCP server software for intercom devices to make and receive calls, more than 80 endpoints supported
  • Supports high definition audio
  • SATA hard drive
  • Segregated air-flow design for optimal unit cooling
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation Software (JSC-5L-AEC only)


Jacques’ IP communications system software is made available to run in virtual environments on hosts supplied by the client. Offering full system functionality to the user, with increased flexibility and usability, virtual controllers can be integrated into essentially any existing networks and infrastructure.

Jacques Virtual Controllers emblem


Jacques Digital Audio Recorder DAR Icon


  • Echo cancellation for full duplex communication (JEM2 & JEM2+ audio devices)
  • Interface call audio to third party recording devices (digital, SIP or analogue)
  • Stream background music/entertainment through intercom devices & PA speakers
  • Visual audio monitoring, in conjunction with J650UI
  • Identify & display threshold alarms – monitors intercom devices for ambient noise. Should a predetermined audio level be reached or exceeded, an alarm will be activated within the system
  • Supports both digital & analogue audio recording (requires additional hardware)
  • Interface to standard SIP recorder
  • Third party CCTV Cameras RSTP Integration e.g. Panasonic WV-SP305E, Axis 210, Axis P3354 etc. to Jacques VMS
Jacques Intercom Report Server icon


  • Detailed & accurate reporting of live system activities including:
    • system operation
    • network management via traffic monitoring
    • alarms
    • device state
  • Aids in fault diagnosis & preventative system maintenance
  • Dynamic view of events to monitor the system in real time
  • Automatic/scheduled report generation, document creation (pdf, csv, html) & distribution
  • Report viewing & access via a web browser
  • User access control with multi-level permission rights & password protection
  • Search & filter functions ensuring useful information is easily found
Jacques Event Controller icon


  • Provides simplified interfaces for the integration of external systems & products
  • Feature highly configurable rules to match system events, simultaneous event triggers, alarms & offline events
  • Standard handling of CCTV functions
    • AFV – intercom activated video – if a CCTV camera is selected, audio from the associated intercom station can be monitored
    • IAV – intercom activated video – if a call is present at an intercom station, the associated CCTV camera will activate and provide video feed
  • Interfaces to external third party equipment including:
    • Standard Modbus / TCP server and client
    • Clipsal CBus Equipment
  • Highly configurable rules to match system events
    System events include:
  • Call trigger events like “calling”, “ringing”, “connected” , or “onhold”, to trigger another events/relays
  • Button press events
  • Simultaneous event triggers
  • Alarms and device off-line events
  • Threshold alarms (Audio Visual Monitor)
Voice Annunciator icon


  • Digital message store with no fixed limits on duration or capacity for playback/broadcast through the system endpoints
  • Concurrent playback and recording of multiple announcements
  • Recording of announcements from any intercom master station.
  • Announcements may be shared or distinct to each originating intercom station
  • Rule based permissions control access to announcement playback & recording
  • Priority queuing of announcements
  • Automatic muting of background music during a public address announcement or an intercom call
  • Wave file format
  • Directory support on master stations; announcements are listed by name
  • Supports audio streaming in standard RTP protocol, support for multicast, IGMPv2 and Diffserv standard for Quality-of-Service (QoS)
  • Online addition, deletion and update of audio files in the digital message store at any time from the intercom system TCP/IP network
Jacques SIP icon


  • Intermediate interface allowing for integration of Jacques system with compatible SIP systems & devices
    • includes physical & soft SIP devices and SIP PABX’s
  • Implements RFC 3261-Core Session Initiation Protocol to transfer, convert & filter communication
  • Support for bridge calling allowing a Jacques device to dial multiple SIP devices however only allowing one to answer and perform a call
  • SIP trunking to external SIP PBX/servers (with or without digest authentication)
  • Support for numerical prefix and remote ID details when defining a SIP trunk
  • Supports G.711 U-Law codec only
SIP Diagram
Jacques High Availability Icon


  • Software package required to achieve system redundancy
  • Operate in active/standby conifguration
  • Ensures the backup system controller takes over all services (should a hardware failure occur)
  • Monitors the state of both primary & secondary controllers
Jacques High Level Interface icon


  • Software package permits third parties programs to interact (control/respond) with Jacques IP Systems.
  • Available to third party developers as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) (Windows 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • HLI makes available events from Jacques’ system to a client’s application through event handlers
  • Allows 3rd party system designers to communicate with the Jacques System without having to implement network communications or low-level protocol message handling
  • HLI’s are available to many leading building, security and video management systems, CCTV, telephony and access control systems
Jacques Announcement Scheduler Icon


  • Facilitate pre-recorded PA announcements, bells, tones & warning alarms across a Jacques IP PA system
  • Allows for the uploading of audio files for broadcast
  • Built timetables of announcements, bells & tones for broadcast at allocated times to select or all PA zones
  • Apply schedules to days, weeks or months according to a sites broadcast requirements
  • Management of the scheduler via a user-friendly calendar view


Honeywell logo

Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) integrates diverse facility and business systems onto a single, security-enhanced platform for strategic control and optimised performance across a vast array of industries. The Honeywell/Jacques integration allows staff operating the Honeywell EBI system to manage Jacques intercom call functions, public address functions, trigger relays and events, access diagnostics and reporting, and control the alarm management all from the one management system.

Saab logo

SAAB’s High Level Interface (HLI) with the Jacques IP Integrated Communication System is operational at multiple sites and enables operators of the SAAB OneView Security Management system (SMS) to perform numerous communication tasks. Through use of the SMS graphical user interface, operators are able to make intercom calls, terminate intercom calls, monitor intercoms, adjust intercom call volume, select PA zones for activation, make/terminate PA calls, monitor intercom alarms and statuses, soft button intercom Push-To-Talk and soft button PA System Push-To-Talk.  The integration of the OneView SMS provides for integrated pop-up controls that enable associated items to be controlled from one pop up menu, including intercoms, doors, lights cameras etc.


The Inner Range Integriti platform is an integrated intruder detection, access control, building automation and security management solution. Events/alarms from the Jacques system may trigger actions within the Integriti platform – such as unlocking a door and putting a lift in free access for a period of time, just to name a couple.  The Integriti system can monitor and control system actions within Jacques, including, create, answer, end, forward and hold calls. It also identifies call held in a call queue waiting to be answered. Jacques intercom endpoints may be graphically represented within Integriti’s dynamic schematic maps (along with Integriti’s intruder and access points). Push to talk functionality is provided for intercom and PA announcements allowing for half duplex communication as required.

Avigilon logo

The Avigilon™ Control Center software integration with the Jacques™ IP Audio Intercom System allows alarms in the Avigilon Control Center to be triggered whenever an intercom event is activated in the Jacques System, and to record audio communication from the Jacques™ system with video from a camera connected to the Avigilon system. The integration enables tags associated with Jacques intercom devices to be linked to specific Avigilon alarm actions and be recorded with the associated video.

Gallagher logo

Gallagher has an existing HLI with Jacques TCP/IP Communications System. The High Level Interface has provided integration of intercom systems, the functionality, related alarms and events all supported through Gallagher Command Centre graphical user interface. The HLI also allows for forwarding calls to other intercom units, placing calls on hold, ending calls and initiating calls.

Pacom logo

Pacom’s Access Control application (GMS) has been integrated with Jacques IP Communication System which has resulted in convenience in responding to calls, performing actions and monitoring the status of the entire intercom system. The HLI provides notification of pending intercom call requests, intercom manager displays, live streaming video display and intercom activity reports. It is also ensures that a single GMS Intercom module can be used for all security applications.

Cisco logo

SIP Interface is a signalling protocol, widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP) via LAN, WLAN, WAN and other different networks. Jacques SIP Proxy Gateway was developed by using RFC 3261/2833 to allow other SIP Devices (e.g. iPhone, Cisco IP Phones, Avaya, VaxTele, Express Talk, etc.) to communicate with Jacques Intercoms using G.711 U-Law/A-Law Audio Codecs which are widely used throughout the world.

GE Logo

GE Forcefield has an existing integration with Jacques’ 550 Series Analogue Intercom System. This integration provides the ability to control doors, alarms, user access, cameras and digital recorders from a map display screen. Benefits include advanced alarm monitoring and reporting features.


Jacques Controllers and Software Brochure




Jacques High Level Interface Brochure