Jacques boasts a number of High Level Interfaces (HLIs) to industry leading, third party systems, enabling the functions of our system to integrate with numerous building and security management, telephony, CCTV and access control systems.


The Jacques to Gallagher High Level Interface (HLI) allows the Jacques Integrated Communication System (650 series) to integrate into Gallagher Command Centre. The High Level Interface has provided integration of intercom systems, the functionality, related alarms and events all supported through Gallagher Command Centre graphical user interface. The HLI also allows for live viewing of video footage from a Jacques Video Intercom device, forwarding calls to other intercom units, placing calls on hold, ending calls and initiating calls.


The Jacques to Honeywell High Level Interface (HLI) allows the Jacques Integrated Communication System (650 series) to integrate into the Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator. Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) integrates diverse facility and business systems onto a single, security-enhanced platform for strategic control and optimised performance across a vast array of industries. The Honeywell/Jacques integration allows staff operating the Honeywell EBI system to manage Jacques intercom call functions, public address functions, trigger relays and events, access diagnostics and reporting, and control the alarm management all from the one management system.


The Jacques to Genetec High Level Interface (HLI) allows the Jacques Integrated Communication System (650 series) to send call notification alarms to the Genetec Security Center 5.3 for switching of the intercom associated-camera on to the Security Desk. Using one or more Jacques call notification alarms intercom-to-CCTV camera associations can be configured to achieve certain functionality.


The Jacques to Avigilon High Level Interface (HLI) allows the Jacques Integrated Communication System (650 series) to integrate into the Avigilon Control Center Software. This integration allows alarms in the Avigilon Control Center to be triggered whenever an intercom event is activated in the Jacques System, and to record audio communication from the Jacques system with video from a camera connected to the Avigilon system. The integration enables tags associated with Jacques intercom devices to be linked to specific Avigilon alarm actions and be recorded with the associated video.


The Jacques IP Communication System integrates seamlessly with the Bosch Video Management System (Bosch VMS) and Bosch access control system to provides a secure and reliable communication solution for any site.


The Pacom GMS provides the convenience for system operators to respond to calls, perform actions and monitor the status of the Jacques system. All this is done while leaving the intercom system to handle the task for which it was primarily designed – audio communications, providing a very powerful and completely integrated security environment.


The Jacques to Inner Range High Level Interface (HLI) allows the Jacques Integrated Communication System (650 series) to send events to the Integriti Security Management System for control at a security workstation. Jacques intercom devices deployed throughout a site can be linked with doors, parking gates, and cameras within the Integriti Security Management System.


The Jacques/Lenel HLI was developed by Jacques Technologies and allows Lenel OnGuard version 7.0 workstations to control and interact with a number of Jacques IP Communication System devices.


Intercom calls at a gate point trigger the VVS verification screen at the security desk for communication between the guard and vistors. From the VVS console guards can activate intercom calls to end points whilst viewing the endpoint user.


The VidSys integration provides information about the events happening in the system and executes supported commands/requests from third party applications. In order to integrate the functionality provided by this system with the VidShield PSIM platform, the Jacques Intercom Proxy was developed.


SAAB’s High Level Interface (HLI) with the Jacques IP Integrated Communication System is operational at multiple sites and enables operators of the SAAB OneView Security Management system (SMS) to perform numerous communication tasks. Through use of the SMS graphical user interface, operators are able to make intercom calls, terminate intercom calls, monitor intercoms, adjust intercom call volume, select PA zones for activation, make/terminate PA calls, monitor intercom alarms and statuses, soft button intercom Push-To-Talk and soft button PA System Push-To-Talk.  The integration of the OneView SMS provides for integrated pop-up controls that enable associated items to be controlled from one pop up menu, including intercoms, doors, lights cameras etc.


SIP Interface is a signalling protocol, widely used for controlling multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP) via LAN, WLAN, WAN and other different networks. Jacques SIP Proxy Gateway was developed by using RFC 3261/2833 to allow other SIP Devices (e.g. iPhone, Cisco IP Phones, Avaya, VaxTele, Express Talk, etc.) to communicate with Jacques Intercoms using G.711 U-Law/A-Law Audio Codecs which are widely used throughout the world.