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Jacques PoE adapter with 6 ports (JPoE-6) connects Jacques intercom/s without PoE to the network.

Product Description

JPoEA-6 adaptor are used specifically as part of Jacques IP Communication System (JEM2 devices) and are designed to connect to standard 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch.

Jacques Power over Ethernet Adapters (JPoE) are used to add power to an Ethernet Cable for Jacques equipment that are PoE enabled (eg. JEM2). Power over Ethernet simplifies installation and eliminates the need to run separate power cords and LAN cables to each access point or port location. Whether on a factory floor or in an secure facility, running power to difficult to reach locations with Jacques Power over Ethernet solutions significantly reduce cabling and outlet requirements while providing the lowest total cost of ownership.


  • Allows for optimal placement of equipment
  • Power outlet proximity is not required
  • Provides one central secure location for power
  • Remote power feeding of up to 100m
  • Standard RJ45 Sockets
  • Vibration proof input power connector

(Dimensions: W 25.8cm x H 9.1cm x D 5cm)

Additional Information

Weight0.2400 kg
Dimensions26 x 25.8 x 9.1 cm