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Jacques communication solution provides universities and TAFEs with an integrated security management solution, incorporating intercoms, help point and public address systems. The system offers direct voice and/or video communication with campus security for help and assistance from various help points and intercom stations located throughout a campus. From emergency broadcasts to evacuation announcements, tertiary campus central control have the ability to communicate to the entire, or selected parts of campus through an advanced PA system.

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Utilising IP technology, school system devices are connected directly to any ethernet port; ensuring scalability and flexibility. The IP technology backbone ensures small, large or multi-site systems can be created now or as your campus grows and requirements change.

Integration to security systems such as campus CCTV, access control or building management systems ensures a complete security solution that keeps staff and students safe. Virtualised and high availability server options ensure system uptime is maintained.



The system offers direct voice and/or video communication with campus security for help and assistance from various help points and intercom stations located throughout a campus. Simplified one button calling ensures help and assistance is always close by.


Integration of video and/or audio intercom communication with CCTV improves on-campus security. Should an incident occur, video and audio recording facilitated by the system can provide critical information to authorities.


Configurable relay modules exist on intercom terminals to activate external equipment – control doors, boom gates, lights or signal CCTV camera presets.

emergency help point bollard, tertiary market


Colour and lettering customisation available for bollards, backboxes, help point units

Custom creation of bollard formfactors to suit requirements

Custom signage options available

Inclusion of induction loop amplifiers

Intercom & HPU devices have two configurable relay’s onboard that can be used to trigger sirens, strobes or lights

Various mounting options for intercom & HPUs via custom backboxes and pole mount brackets

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high level integration software, avigilon
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high level integration software, lenel
high level integration software, gallagher
high level integration software, genetec
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high level integration software, integriti


Critical in providing communication systems as part of a total security solution is the ability of our IP Communication Systems to integrate with a large number of third party systems. Integration via High Level Interface (HLI) is available to building and security management systems, CCTV, access control and digital telephony systems.


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