Harman Octadrive-DSP-DN

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  • 2 analogue audio inputs and 8 analogue audio outputs (all transformer coupled)
  • Ambient Noise Sensing (ANS) / Paging mic input
  • Mic capsule monitoring
  • 16 digital audio inputs via DANTE™
  • 18 digital audio outputs via DANTE™
  • 16 x 8 Audio Matrix Router (any Input(s) to any Output(s))
  • Pilot tone monitoring on all inputs
  • Pilot tone generation on all outputs
  • Adjustment of per-input level, EQ and delay
  • Adjustment of per-output level, EQ and delay
  • DSP-based autogain and compression algorithms
  • Control and monitoring via DANTE™ using WinControl software
  • DANTE™ interface is fully redundant for both digital audio and control data
  • Built-in headphone amplifier for monitoring purpose