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Jacques communication solution provides universities and TAFEs with an INTEGRATED SECURITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION, incorporating intercoms, help point and public address systems. The system offers direct voice and/or video communication with campus security for help and assistance from various help points and intercom stations located throughout a campus. Simplified one button calling ensures help and assistance is always CLOSE BY. From emergency broadcasts to evacuation announcements, tertiary campus central control has the ability to communicate to the entire, or selected parts of campus through an advanced PA system.

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Jacques provides customisation to our intercom panels. Flexibility is offered on elements such as intercom panel size, layout, etching, colour, button colours and options and speaker hole patterns.

  • Colour and lettering customisation available for bollards, backboxes, help point units
  • Custom creation of bollard formfactors to suit requirements
  • Custom signage options available
  • Inclusion of induction loop amplifiers
  • Intercom & HPU devices have two configurable relays’ onboard that can be used to trigger sirens, strobes or lights
  • Various mounting options for intercom & HPUs via custom backboxes and pole mount brackets


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