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Jacques SIP software module. Jacques SIP Proxy Software module is an intermediate interface loaded onto a Jacques System Controller that allows Jacques intercom devices to connect to SIP compatible phones and PABXs. The interface implements RFC 3261 – Core Session Initiation Protocol to transfer, convert and filter the communication (e.g. calls, streaming media) from the Jacques communication system devices and make it available to third party SIP systems and devices.


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  • Intermediate interface allowing for integration of Jacques system with compatible SIP systems & devices
    • includes physical & soft SIP devices and SIP PABX’s
  • Implements RFC 3261-Core Session Initiation Protocol to transfer, convert & filter communication
  • Support for bridge calling allowing a Jacques device to dial multiple SIP devices however only allowing one to answer and perform a call
  • SIP trunking to external SIP PBX/servers (with or without digest authentication)
  • Support for numerical prefix and remote ID details when defining a SIP trunk
  • Support codecs G711 U-law and G711 A-law