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Safety At Fitness Centres

Safety at Fitness Centres

An increased awareness around staying fit and healthy has contributed to the appeal of gym memberships recently. With this trend spreading, there has been a rapid growth in 24/7 fitness establishments in Australia over the past five years.

Are Australian gyms really prepared for emergency situations?

There is an increasing number of patrons and gyms across Australia. This raises concerns around preparedness for emergency situations during staffed and unstaffed hours. Safety does not stop after 5pm. Patrons with busy work schedules prefer flexible access to gyms, enabling them to fit a training session before or after work.

Key card entry (access control) and CCTV monitoring are the growing norm for these centres, but does this provide a comprehensive security solution for patrons? With multiple systems running at your site, how does it manage alerts in an emergency. Some questions that need to be asked are;

  • Can you access a log of all activity at your site? Including door access, triggered alarms and any system failures?
  • An intruder without a key is trying to open door, does the CCTV focus on the entry point? Does the security system receive a snapshot of the person?
  • When an emergency button is pressed, can the system identify the exact location where the button was triggered?
  • During an emergency evacuation, do the doors automatically unlock?

A Jacques IP communication system can seamlessly integrate to an existing security management system, access control, and CCTV installed – allowing these systems to talk to one another. Moreover, multi-site monitoring allows large establishments to manage their locations from a single control unit. Adding endpoints as and when required is easy with a Jacques system, including emergency evacuation panels for duress calling.

The key products we recommend for this application are listed below,

Contact our Sales team and let us help you with an enhanced security solution.

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