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Keeping Students And Staff Safe & Informed

Keeping Students and Staff Safe & Informed

Schools looking for an IP paging solution require an integrated approach to ensure that bell scheduling, emergency alerts and PA announcements work harmoniously together. Schools should aim to select a solution that is scalable, flexible and can grow with a school at minimal inconvenience when an expansion occurs. Integrated PA systems are growing more popular, offering PA zoning for different areas of the campus such as each classroom, social area, office, and sports areas. This is especially convenient for K-12 schools running on separate schedules. Reception administration can then easily broadcast live or schedule pre-recorded announcements/tones while dynamically selecting appropriate zones.

It is important to offer schools a solution that is easy to install and cost effective. Many schools have approached us with the need to upgrade to an IP system with existing speaker infrastructure. Our solution can be as simple as – a controller, master station and a PA zone controller. The solution includes a user-friendly bell and announcement scheduling software that allows for the upload of any audio file for broadcast.

Key considerations when installing or upgrading IP paging/PA systems

The key considerations while installing an IP system are; network, audio coverage, system design, and budget. Many schools looking to upgrade to IP have the common issue of ‘what do we do with our existing analogue speakers and amplifiers? We offer two pathways for schools;

  • A full IP system with IP speakers in every classroom
  • A mixed solution with existing speaker hardware

Both pathways provide schools with an IP system and the ability to communicate with select, many or all audio zones. The mixed solution uses a PA zone controller, providing schools with a cost-effective upgrade to IP. Each PA zone controller (connected to an amplifier) can control multiple speakers – creating a zone.

Ideally, we recommend each building as a zone. However, this can be configured as per your school requirements; separate zones for primary, middle, and high school. Our announcement scheduling software allows for custom names and colours for schedules allowing for easy differentiation while viewing the calendar. This is also beneficial during school exams where the exam block will have a separate bell schedule from the rest of the school.

Our team of experts can demonstrate Jacques School Solution virtually, discuss a solution that is flexible and works for your school based on your requirements.

Click here to request for a free virtual demonstration.

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