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Cutters Landing Apartments

Cutters Landing Apartments

Cutters Landing is one of many high-end residential developments to feature the Jacques Video Intercom System. The complex boasts 235 apartments spread out over several blocks. Each apartment is equipped with a Jacques Video Monitor Station (VMS). Calls are placed to the residents through 13 Video Entrance Stations (VES) that are installed at the entrance to each complex.

For individual residences; Cutters have installed the Jacques VES-741, a one button video intercom that calls directly through to the resident’s VMS. The apartment buildings feature VES-75K‘s, so visitors may enter the individual unit number they need to call, or residents can enter a PIN to grant themselves entry. The VMS’s can also store missed calls whereby the VES takes a snapshot of the caller and sends it to the resident. If the residents wish to not be disturbed they can set their VMS to private so it will not play a ringtone or activate the screen when a call comes through.

David Thomson oversees the Jacques system at Cutters Landing and is very pleased with the communication it facilitates between administrators, residents and visitors. The administrators of Cutters can send text messages directly from the PC Master in the Building Manager’s office to the VMS in the apartments. This provides a simple and non-intrusive method for the body corporate to stay in touch with residents.

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